Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism
Volume 20 (1), Spring-Summer 2012
The Colors of Humanism

Edited by
Anthony Pinn

Introduction: The Colors of Humanism Anthony Pinn
The Hidden Enlightenment: Humanism Among US Latinos Hector Avalos
The Forked Road Ahead: The "Look" of Black Humanist Community in Action Sikivu Hutchinson
Living: African-Americans and Humanism Anthony Pinn
The "Color" of Humanism: Personal Reflections on a Global Reailty Norm Allen
Humanism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Reflections from a Humanist Organizer and Activist Leo Igwe
An Uncompromising Humanism in Iran and Beyond Maryam Namazie
My Humanist Detour from China to the United States Wendy Liu