Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism is a peer-reviewed journal published twice annually. The purpose is to promote progress in the philosophy of Humanism in a scholarly and analytical way. Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism analyzes the historical, philosophical, scientific, economic, and religious issues as they relate to problems of public and everyday life and are applied to Humanism in order to promote humanity.

In 1992 Humanists of Houston, a chapter of the American Humanist Association, decided at the initiative of Marian Hillar and Robert Finch to publish lectures and seminars that were presented by notable speakers at the meetings of the group, doing so under the general title Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism. With time the scope of the publication was enlarged to include solicited and unsolicited papers from the general public. In 2005, the American Humanist Association adopted Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism as its scholarly journal.

ISSN 1522-7340

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